Talking it out with Michelle Tadique

3Michelle is a public relations professional and a married mother of two with constant worries that just won’t quit.  She is all about keeping it real and that’s what she brings to Mind of Her Own as a regular contributor. She joins Julie every other week for an open and honest conversation about how women’s mental health issues play out in the media, pop culture and in the everyday lives of women everywhere.

Michelle has seen loved ones deal with mental illness and her experience working in health care communications has given her a unique insight into the impact mental illness has on people and communities. Now Michelle finds herself at the start of her own journey to better her own mental health, by finally finding the courage to seek help for her own anxiety.

By sharing her experiences and simply talking about mental health issues in a relatable way, Michelle wants to remind other women that they aren’t alone in their struggles and there is no shame in asking for help.

It all starts by talking it out.

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