julielinkedin-2Julie Trites is an anxious mother, a public relations professional and a former journalist with a curious mind that rarely stops spinning.

Thanks to generalized anxiety, Julie’s unique skillset includes leaping to the worst case scenario, making a mountain out of any molehill and simultaneously worrying about everything imaginable, and yet nothing in particular. Fortunately, a mix of medication and therapy helps her keep the anxiety in check – for the most part.

Julie’s mental health advocacy began after a life-changing experience with postpartum depression and anxiety that inspired her to create One Mother to Another (now Mind of Her Own) where she blogs about her own struggles, shares her story of recovery and encourages other women to speak up and ask for help.

Her raw, honest and often humorous perspective on motherhood and mental health has been featured on the popular parenting website, Scary Mommy and in the blog section of the Huffington Post. As a public speaker she has shared her story at several fundraising events including the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women and the IWK Hospital Telethon.

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